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The Stowaway

Happy Holidays – have a Mood Ring!

Welcome to the Pirate Mood Ring, a present to the PoTC fandom this holiday season from the writers at Cultural Infidelities (fabu, hija_paloma, linaelyn, and me, the_stowaway).

A long time ago, in a fandom far, far away (or, you know, in April 2004) two talented women wrote a Mood Ring for LoTRiPS* and we looked at each other and said, "We should do that for Pirates!" And lo, this comm was born. And then….not much happened for a really long time. (What? We totally were busy.) But suddenly, the day after Thanksgiving, drabbles began to happen and, finally, here it is.

One drabble for each LiveJournal mood. 132 moods x 100 words, 1 per post.

We hope you enjoy them as much as we enjoyed writing them. There's something here for everyone; just about every character we could think of shows up somewhere. The drabbles cover every pairing and none, ratings from G to PG-13 (ok, maybe a hint of R here and there); comedy, action, angst, love, hate, introspection – you name it, we managed to fit it in.

Have fun! And we'd love to hear what you think.

A note about navigation: The drabbles are posted in random order, pretty much as they were written. You can start reading anywhere and scroll forward and back through the comm, or you can go the Calendar pages for a list of titles (link takes you to November; navigate forward to December for the rest of the drabbles). Or, you can go to this page for an alphabetical listing with links.

*MoodRings -- 132 Celebrations of LOTRips by circe_tigana and anniesj
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